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The Benefits of Using a Professional Lawyer in Montrose, Colorado

The Mathis, Martin & Kidnay Law Firm attorneys Stephen Mathis, Brent Martin, and Brian Kidnay are available to represent you in western Colorado in criminal and commercial cases. If you need a local lawyer in Montrose or a local lawyer on the Western Slope of Colorado, we can litigate or negotiate settlements for you. A professional lawyer can assist you with everything from minor court paperwork to negotiating a better plea offer or settlement deal.

Why do I need an experienced lawyer?

An individual lawyer in criminal or commercial law can help you map out a resolution and spot other ways that your life may be affected. Here's how you know that you are ready to hire a lawyer:

  • You do not have the time to go to court.
  • Resolving the case requires extensive legal knowledge.
  • You are unfamiliar with the local court's rules, including how to submit paperwork.
  • The case makes you extremely emotional.
  • You have been incarcerated at some point in the case.
  • You may have to pay extensive fines and compensation.

How do I work with my lawyer?


If you have determined you need an individual lawyer, here are the four basic steps of working with your attorney:

  1. Call or visit the attorney's office to explain the case.
  2. Bring in any documents your attorney deems necessary.
  3. Have the attorney speak to your potential witnesses.
  4. Have the attorney file any necessary paperwork and begin representing you.

Hiring a criminal lawyer in Montrose, Colorado

If you have been charged with a crime in western Colorado, you should call a criminal defense attorney quickly. Many counties have rather strict district attorneys and judges. At the Mathis, Martin & Kidnay Law Firm, Brent Martin is our criminal defense lawyer; and it will benefit you to have a skilled negotiator like him on your side for your first appearance or bond hearing. As a criminal defense lawyer, Brent Martin can familiarize you with your judge and with the practices of local law enforcement agencies. Your individual legal needs depend upon your personal, employment, medical, family and criminal history. A criminal lawyer can help you identify the best path for your success.  

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Hiring a commercial lawyer in Montrose, Colorado

Commercial attorneys can take care of many issues regarding liability and risk, contract disputes, zoning, and government regulations. They will also be able to clarify how employment laws affect both workers and management in your company. A professional attorney can help meet your commercial legal needs by arguing for what your business needs and deserves.

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Mathis, Martin & Kidnay is an AV rated law firm serving Western Colorado with combined experience of 63 years practicing law in the State of Colorado, with over 50 years of combined trial experience, both with criminal and civil trials. Mathis, Martin & Kidnay was formed in 2007 incorporating three attorneys each with an extensive history of practice in separate firms and as solo practitioners.

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