Brent Martin is a criminal defense lawyer in Montrose and the surrounding areas. He offers excellent criminal defense for cases that range from DUI to sexual assault. He also represents clients on criminal charges involving marijuana law and licensing, as well as violent offenses such as robbery. Mr. Martin, our criminal defense lawyer can represent you in cases of misdemeanor and felony:

  • Robbery
  • Drug possession
  • Drug distribution
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex assault
  • Internet sex offenses
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Protection order violations
  • Hunting violations
  • Department of Wildlife (DOW) violations
  • Property crimes
  • Theft
  • Weapons crimes
  • Violations of probation or parole
  • Record sealing and expungement
  • Juvenile delinquency charges
  • White collar crimes

The practice of criminal defense involves representation when a client is charged as an adult with an offense in criminal court and threatened with the possibility of incarceration or fines. Since our attorneys also have civil defense experience, we are able to represent you in civil suits related to criminal cases. These include elder abuse, juvenile delinquency, fraud, restraining order violations, and divorce and custody matters. Brent Martin represents clients throughout Western Colorado. You can visit one of his offices in Montrose, Telluride, or Naturita.

As a DUI lawyer local to Montrose and surrounding areas, Mr. Martin is experienced with the roads and regulations throughout the region. He can effectively represent you on a DUI or DWAI charge, including a marijuana DUI or a charge that involves a breathalyzer or blood test. He knows how to represent clients who have been charged with DUI or DWAI in DMV hearings.

He can also represent you in a jury or bench trial for property crime charges, such as theft, burglary and home invasion. He has experience representing clients with criminal records who are being threatened with felony charges for what otherwise would amount to a misdemeanor offense.

You should seek the services of a local criminal defense attorney if you are facing a criminal charge that could result in the loss of your freedom, funds, security clearance, license or children. An attorney can help you determine whether a criminal case will affect a pending civil case, such as a divorce. If you are facing a drug possession or distribution charge, this can have a significant impact on your finances and can also lead to a dependency case in civil court. A criminal defense lawyer with experience in domestic relations law can help determine how to resolve your criminal case with the best possible outcome with regard to your children.

An experienced Telluride, Naturita, and Montrose criminal defense lawyer like Brent Martin is an excellent resource to consult when you are concerned about what information you should provide to law enforcement. You can also consult a criminal lawyer about concerns regarding a potential violation of probation or parole

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