Marijuana Laws & Licensing


There are different areas of marijuana laws in Colorado, from criminal defense to development of state and local regulations to marijuana licensing. If you are interested in marijuana law for Western Colorado and marijuana law for Montrose, Colorado, contact the experienced marijuana law attorney, Brent Martin from the Mathis, Martin & Kidnay Law Firm.

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Medical Marijuana Law

Medical marijuana law regards the rights of marijuana patients, doctors, cultivators, producers, manufacturers, processors, testing facilities and retail businesses. Colorado marijuana law for medical purposes can also pertain to advisement of federal, state and local governments in developing medical or recreational marijuana business regulations. Mr. Martin is equipped to engage in all types of marijuana-related representation and advisement.

Marijuana Licensing

Marijuana licensing is defined as getting a license from the State of Colorado for a business related to marijuana. You can contact Mr. Martin to act as a lawyer for marijuana businesses. He can assist you with obtaining an application for a business engaged in producing, processing, retailing and transporting marijuana. He can also assist you with completing an application to register as a cooperative.


It can be extremely helpful to hire an attorney to navigate the field of recreational marijuana laws and licensing. Mr. Martin can assist with securing licenses to marijuana-related products, which will involve a facility inspection and public hearings. He is also skilled at negotiating and solving marijuana licensing disputes with localities, including concerns relating to zoning, location and ownership issues. He knows how to communicate with state agencies that work with marijuana, such as the Department of Revenue.


Brent Martin is ready to assist you with filing for state or federal patent or trademark protection for your marijuana-related products regarding Colorado dispensary laws and regulations. He is skilled at negotiating contracts with vendors, transporters and others.

Marijuana-Related Criminal Defense

Marijuana-related criminal defense typically pertains to violation of Colorado and federal regulations regarding marijuana. Brent Martin can assist you if you have been charged with:

  • Possession of “too much” marijuana
  • DUI, with the intoxicating agent being marijuana
  • Distribution to an individual who does not have a medical marijuana card
  • Distribution of marijuana to a minor
  • Child abuse or neglect due to proximity to or consumption of marijuana

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